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1-Year-Old Baby Dies In Police Station While In Detention With Mother

A 1-year-old baby has died while in detention with his mother at a Police station in Kenya.

The family of the baby is pleading for justice after the incident which reportedly happened at Malaba Police Station in Busia.

Her baby was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Photo: Screenshot of video by KTN News. The mother was detained together with her sick baby at Malaba Police Station.

Why the baby died The mother, who hails from Aleles village, Kakapel location of Busia county, narrated that the area chief and the vigilantes arrested her from her home. Efforts to plead with the police to release her to take her child to hospital fell on dead ears.

While speaking to a KTN News journalist, the distressed mother said:

“I Was Shocked. I just dressed him up in a vest and a short and we left for the police station. At 7, Malaba’s station car came while I was still writing my statement and my child started vomiting. And the police asked if the child is sick and I said yes. And they refused to hear me and locked me in and since they are the government, I could not argue with them,” she narrated.

She further explained that she spread whatever she had covered herself with on the floor for her baby to sleep and used part of it to cover him when she got in that room.

However, in the wee hours of the morning, one of the female police officers who saw how dire the situation was, rushed the child to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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