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Chukwuka C. Monye (CCM), The Innovation Strategist, Becomes Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author

Chukwuka Monye, one of Africa’s finest strategists, consumer intelligence, and operations management experts is now on 3 bestselling author lists – Amazon, USA Today and Wall Street Journal.

The book which he co-authored with other professionals from around the world – “Business Success Secrets”, details the undiluted truth of what it takes to make your business dream a reality.

The 320-page book is a compilation of 34 chapters that uncovers the secrets beneath the impressive awards and accolades that each successful entrepreneur has received.

It highlights that there is “no overnight” success, and for every achievement lies the hard-knocks story of grit, determination, and resourcefulness.

In Chapter 21 – “Responsible Culture”, Chukwuka Monye tells a story that infuses local and cultural elements, thereby sharing perspectives that are particularly unique.

The book has received a lot of great reviews by global business tycoons and leaders such as Reggies Van Lee of The Carlyle Group and Sanjay Jaybhay, bestselling author of Invest and Grow Rich. According to Sanjay, “Business Success Secrets does an excellent job of driving home the notion that you don’t have to belong to the family of a wealthy industry tycoon to go out there and make your dream a reality.

Tempered with practical and pragmatic wisdom from a charming selection of entrepreneurs of all ages, races, and backgrounds, it was a highly informative literary journey.”

Chukwuka’s career’s growth has been remarkable with stellar educational achievements such as earning both a PGD and an MBA from the University of Oxford and other related certificates from institutions such as Harvard Business School and INSEAD.

Significant impact and business successes that are attributable to interventions by him include being the inaugural Director General of Delta Economic Summit Group, where he pioneered social impact initiatives such as the Unsung Heroes Awards.

He has been involved in the incubation of a number of successful products and companies including the City of Lagos Monopoly game and the Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA), a leadership institute for the healthcare sector with collaborators such as Cambridge and Duke Universities.

As a student, Chukwuka was an achiever who was often recognized for his leadership skills and was chosen for different roles such as class captain in primary school and a double perfect in FGC, Ijanikin.

He had a short stint in Ogun State University, before attending Warner University, Florida on a scholarship for his undergraduate degree in Business Management.

While at Warner he was an athlete with excellent academic performance, he was recognized in the “Who’s Who” in American Universities and Colleges and he was admitted into the Alpha Chi Honor Society, a society for the top 10 percentile academic performers.

He was elected the first black Student Union President and recently received the prestigious “Distinguished Alumni” award.

His passion for the development of the African continent led him to establish Ciuci (pronounced see-you-see) Consulting with two main objectives – to provide advice to businesses in Africa, and to develop locally-based human capacity amidst a challenging educational and economic environment.

The company has successfully executed over 350 projects in its 14-year history and his passion for positive change has led Ciuci to execute several social impact initiatives aimed at highlighting capacity building as a critical element in corporate Africa and the society at large.

In 2019 he received the US Golden Bridge award for Most Innovative Executive of the year.

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