Nobody Needs A P-Square Reunion In 2021

It is good that the brothers are finally on good terms again, and I’m happy for them, but a P-Square reunion in 2021 just isn’t needed.

The P-Square duo that wowed Nigerians for more than a decade is already long gone. The guys broke it up real nice, went into solo careers, rebranded, dropped albums, and excuse me, some people think it’s a good idea for the guys to come together and do new music? Nah.

This idea probably stems from the fantastical idea that somehow the guys can throw it back to the days. But nobody really believes that, right? There is no way, frankly, the current P-Square are going to be able to create anything to match what prime P-Square did. Absolutely no way.

So why does anybody need a P-Square reunion to happen? I have no idea.

Now, I think the brothers might be thinking. Thinking along the line of making more money together than they’re making being divided. Now, this may actually be true, because they have fans who only want to listen to them together.

But the fact is, even if they didn’t go their separate ways when they did, it was only a matter of time before people stopped paying attention to them. They’re old guys. They’re has-beens. They’ve got no actual buzz. So when the buzz of “PSquare reunion” dies, how will they sell music?

The last time either of them even made a real hit was 2019, even with all the solo hype they hustled for after the split. Let’s face the truth, they’re not Wizkid, they’re not Davido, nobody cares about P-Square, or their music anymore.

As far as I’m concerned, a P-Square reunion is nothing to be excited about.

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