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The Rise Of Local Scams In Nigeria, A Clear Picture Of A Country With Failed System (A MUST READ)

The word “Scam” and “Nigeria” go in tandem. This is a grossly heartbreaking fact. If you’ve done a local scam before and you’re reading this, na God go punish you😡

Internet fraud perpetrated across the borderline of this country from Nigeria is alarming and it’s understandable why it’s so hard to put an end to it.

But why is it so hard to combat internet fraud carried out locally?

Despite the whole, Sim RegistrationBVN number, and NIN identification numbering system, one would have thought Nigeria already has a working system that can easily identify and deal with criminals in this internet age but na lie or let me say the agencies in charge are not ready to help.

Some miscreants now gain access to other people’s bank account here in Nigeria, move the money to another Nigeria bank account, and that’s the end.

They do this through USSD or even deceive people into sending money for a product they don’t have or a service they won’t render.

Many Nigerians working so hard to earn money have lost their hard-earned money kept in their Nigerian bank accounts to scammers with no hope of getting their money back because those agencies that are supposed to help will make things more complicated or won’t help at all.

Nigerian Police Won’t Help You

Sometimes, I feel like the Government should just privatize the Nigerian Police Force so we will all know that the force is a non-governmental commercial venture.

Why will someone walk into a Police Station to report local fraud and the Police will ask you to pay a certain amount before they can begin anything on the case.

I have a friend who got scammed like that and went to report at a Police station. The Police actually told him to bring N20,000 so they can buy fuel to get court orders and money for mobilization.

According to research, if he pays that money, they will keep asking for more money until it becomes obvious that he has become a victim of another scam.

EFCC Won’t Help You

These ones seem to be less concerned about local scams, it won’t yield them any profit.

It’s not like they don’t have what it takes to help but they will only offer to help if the money involved is running to millions of Naira.

They want to be sure the scammer himself or herself is worth their time. Anyone who scams you money less than 5million Naira won’t be of interest to EFCC.

Such scammer might not have a car they can seize nor have huge bailout money.

Nigerian Banks Won’t Help You

People keep money in banks and trust the banks for the safety of their money but trust me, banks won’t help you if you lose your money to fraudsters.

People open accounts with BVN and NIN and still use the same account to scam people and get away with it.

If you like, lose 2billion to a scammer using the same bank as you, Nigerian banks won’t give you the details of the scammer.

Nigerian Banks will ask you to get a police report before they can supply details of a scammer’s bank account, Police will ask you for money to handle the case and if you’re broke as a result of the scam, you will become frustrated, helpless, and hopeless.

This is why everyone should realize that this country is failed already, guide your money, ATM and other bank details very well.

Local Scammers are on the rise, if you get scammed you won’t get help.

Have You Been A Victim Of Local Scam Before? – Share Your Experience

Gov’t, Banks, Police or EFCC – Who Is The Most Useless When It Comes To Combating Local Scams In Nigeria?

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